Chivalry's on Nook

I uploaded Chivalry onto Nook in hopes that their print on demand service is easier to figure out, but alas, it is the exact same process as Amazon/CreateSpace. The process consists of me uploading the manuscript, a cover, filling out all the info and numbers, then waiting two days to be told there is an error. The cover fits the template, so I’m not sure what else to do, and of course, they do not have help with these things. Instead, their answer in the FAQ is to make a whole new cover with their service. If I do that, surely, it will work. I see how it is.

BUT, it is on Nook now! Yay!

A request and thanks

Hello again Thank you, Eric Foster, for your review on Amazon! I am certain it will help with sales.
I tell myself I’m not worried about sales, because I only want to entertain and to share the story with horse lovers, but at the same time, if no one knows about it, how can I share it? Maybe more reviews would help.
If you’ve read the book, could you please help me by posting a short (but sweet) review? If you have an old version, I can certainly send an updated one.

This brings me to another subject – print copies. I’m still fighting with CreateSpace over the size of my cover. My cover fits the template, so I don’t understand why they won’t accept it. Anyway, once that’s worked out, I can order some print copies and autograph them for my beta readers as a thank you gift. I promised this to you, so I really hope it works at some point!

Thank you everyone, for your kind words the last few days. It’s been exciting, to say the least.

(Photo: Belmont Park in Elmont, NY, the setting of my book. It is my dream to actually visit the track one day! Maybe even the backside!)

Chivalry is stalking around the clubhouse turn!

Well, I did it. I published it. I’m still trying to figure out how to get the print copy to happen with CreateSpace (Amazon’s print on demand service). This is all very confusing. I just want to hit “publish” and be done with it, sit back, await the funds in my account. Yeah, right. Fortunately, I have some friends who have some experience, but I really hate bothering them with all my stupid questions. I can’t even figure out how to get a copy of the printed book so I can autograph it for someone. Maybe I’m too old for this.

At the very least, my main goal has been accomplished, and that’s to put the story out there for horse racing lovers to read. It’ll mostly be older teens and young adults reading, and the ones in the racing business at that age are so busy, they rarely have time to read. But it’s there if they want it, nonetheless.

A short sample is available on Amazon, for your Kindle or Kindle app. You can use the Kindle app on your computer or phone, if you do not have an actual Kindle.