Visit to Secretariat’s birthplace

It was Secretariat’s birthday yesterday (Mar 28) and to celebrate, they threw a huge party for fans. It was called the VA Horse Festival, held at Meadow Event Park, formerly The Meadow, where he was born. and was pretty much heaven. That many horses in one place just had to be heaven. Aside from the cold, bitter wind, it was absolutely perfect. 

Charlie Davis (Red’s exercise rider) was there to tell stories as he sat at the Secretariat booth in the exhibit hall, and he also rode along with a tour and told stories about the famed horse. Penny Chenery’s daughter, Kate Chenery Tweedy was also there and rode along with a few tours also. Bill Nack was supposed to be there, but got sick at the last minute. I was really looking forward to meeting him too. I was especially looking forward to meeting Ron Turcotte, who I hear is the nicest guy ever (well, he is Canadian), but unfortunately he was in an auto accident and broke both legs! Can you imagine? He asked for one blue cast and one white cast, (Meadow’s colors) though, and has been in good spirits from what I hear. I was able to sign a get well card for him, which was nice. I bought an autographed photo of the Belmont stretch run where Ronnie’s peeking back at the rest of the field way back there. My new prized possession.

I took a bunch of pictures so you can see what it was like! 🙂 Some of the photos have captions. Some are self explanatory. 

I’ll definitely be going back next year!

Click here to view these pictures larger

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