Secretariat’s Birthday Celebration

The great Secretariat was born on March 30, 1970 in a tiny shack in Doswell, Va.

2015-03-29 13.47.472015-03-29 13.48.21

Meadow Farm currently holds an annual celebration of Big Red’s birthday by throwing a massive three-day horse event – a horse lover’s dream weekend.

In attendance, you’ll usually see Kate Chenery Tweedy, Charlie Davis, and a few descendants of Big Red. This year, Bill Nack was there as well. Last year, unfortunately, we missed seeing Ron Turcotte, as he had just been in an accident and was unable to attend. I was happy to sign his get-well card, though.

As far as horses, last year and this year, Moe, a G-G grandson, was there. This year, Groundshaker, a G-G granddaughter, was also there. Last year, Covert Action, a grandson, was in his stall, loving the attention.



Here is Moe (I don’t remember is racing name), keeping his eye on me. He did let me pet him, but only as long as I didn’t touch his nose. This is Moe telling me not to touch his nose again: 🙂

2015-03-29 12.26.08



Here’s Covert Action, Secretariat’s grandson. He loves doing tours and meeting all the fans. He raced a little bit, but wasn’t very successful. Secretariat was known in the breeding shed more for his daughter and granddaughters. Covert Action was adorable, though. I wanted to keep him in my back yard (as well as every other horses there):



Here’s me with my new bestie, Kate Chenery Tweedy, and my mom on the right. Smaller pic so I don’t scare anyone. I look awful because it was windy and rainy:

2016-04-03 15.32.55



Charlie Davis and me. He’s so fun. Quite the party animal, he is, and a great story-teller. I loved hearing about his days with Secretariat:

2016-04-02 12.41.53

Many, many clinics and shows:

Some of the auction items in the exhibit hall:


I couldn’t afford those things, nor could I afford a horse, so my mommy bought me a wittle Secretariat of my own:

2016-04-02 14.06.57

Read more about the history of Meadow Farm here and be sure to attend next year’s festival on March 31-April 2 in Doswell, Va. Do the VIP tour with me so we can hear about the history of the farm and hear stories of Penny, Secretariat, and family.

(I humbly apologize for my lack of photography expertise. I will blame it on the fact that I could not see what I was taking pictures of because of the sun glare. I was also a bit too excited and took pictures of almost every horse in attendance. *grin*)

More pics:

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