“Turn your wounds into wisdom.” – Oprah Winfrey

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~*~*~ Candy’s best friend, Rachel, has vanished, kidnapped from Queens, NY. Dejected, Candy has nothing left for her in New York. She hitchhikes out of town in a desperate search for a better life. In her journey, repeatedly, she thinks she’s found the answer, only for things to turn horribly wrong. In Maryland, she meets Demetri, a man who wines and dines her, but then turns on her and threatens to kill her if she leaves. Will she ever find happiness? Or is she trapped in a miserable life forever? ~*~*~

–“I read it two times!”
–“Perfect mixture of horse racing and romance…”
–“I was hooked from page one!”

(Historical Fiction, set in 1969-70, parallel sequel to “Chivalry,” Rachel’s story, and is also available on Amazon.)

Order of the Backstretch Series:
Wounds into Wisdom
Turn of the Tide (due for release by Nov 2017)
How (not) to Grieve (2018)
Clear Blue Sky (2018-19)


**Suggested for readers over 18 because of mild sexual content and adult topics such as mental and physical abuse**