Asking for a favor…

Friends, please help me with How (not) to Grieve. Reviews sell the book, so if you have bought the book (or if you would buy it) or have read it on Kindle Unlimited, could I please trouble you for a review? If you’re not good at writing reviews, I can help you with it if you want, without writing it, of course. Possible customers who read reviews are looking for something in the story that will evoke emotion: happy, sad, exciting, whatever. They’re also looking for the “verified purchase” symbol, so if you haven’t bought the book, it doesn’t do any good to write the review, though I would appreciate the effort. The Kindle version is only $3 (less than a cup of coffee) and you can read it on your computer, phone, tablet, or Kindle. It’s “free” with a Kindle Unlimited membership. Remember to scroll all the way to the end before closing the book so the author gets credit for every page. Thank you so much for supporting me!


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