And they’re off!




In 1960s New York, seventeen-year-old Rachel McMahon has grown up on the backside of Belmont Park exercising race horses for her mother, a rare female trainer in a sport dominated by men. Her mother, however, doesn’t support her dream, fearing for her safety, not simply because of the inherent dangers of riding a high-spirited racehorse on the track, but because of the attacks other pioneering women jockeys have dealt with across the country.

Even so, the greatest threat to her dream was her abduction and subsequent torture at the hands of a depraved and evil man—a man she calls the “monster.” Nightmares and flashbacks take control of her life and threaten to destroy her. But then she met Erick, who shares her dream, and  is determined to help her find her way out of the nightmares and back to her dreams.

With the help of Chivalry, their barn’s newest and most promising horse, Rachel and her family set their sights on the most prestigious race in the country—The Kentucky Derby. But with the intense pushback from the male jockeys and the fans, they wonder if it’s all worth it. Will Rachel be able to hold on through the storms coming against her?