Have a small business?

Join my giant giveaway!!


I know so many of us are in small businesses to make a few bucks on the side. Traditionally, it’s been hard and expensive to advertise these businesses and there is a lot of competition. So, I’ve come up with a great way to advertise your business. We join forces and hold a giant giveaway! To enter, contestants must sign up for whatever you choose: Like a Facebook page, join a Facebook group, follow you on Twitter, Instagram, sign up for an email list, whatever. Each of us will have one option for the contestants to choose, and they’ll get one entry for each of us. Make it easy and quick for them. The winner will be chosen at random on May 30, 2018 at midnight EDT via Rafflecopter.

Directions: (Once you give me your email address, I’ll send you a copy of this.)

1. Sign up! Everything on the form is essential for me to have so we can keep in touch. The first fifteen (15) people to sign up get the spots. If I have many more, I’ll hold another contest shortly after this one. It’s first come, first served, so please don’t yell at me if you’re #16. I hope to do more of these if all goes well. Also, I’m going to add all the dates to Google calendar. If you use that or iCal, you can add my promo calendar, and it’ll put all the dates onto your calendar. See below for links.

2. Decide what to send. I’ll be putting the prizes together in a box and sending it to the winner. Keep in mind, I’ll also have to fit all of our items in one promo photo. Suggestion: No bigger than 6″x6″, and preferably lightweight. No lead anvils, please. 😉

3. You’ll have three weeks from now to get the prize in case you have to order or make it. Mail the prize and business card or flier to: (address will be in your email) by Thursday, May 17, 2018. I should receive prizes by Monday, May 21. If you don’t let me know you’ve sent it, or I haven’t received the prize, you won’t be included. Make sure to keep in touch with me. If you could, please toss a dollar bill into your box when you send it, to help with postage. I figure it’ll be around $15 for me to send the prize box, so if everybody pitches in $1, that should cover it.

4. Deadline for signup: Thursday, May 17, 2018. At that point, I’ll wait for everything to arrive, photograph the goods for the promo, then send you a few photos. I will also give you a link to the contest page on Rafflecopter.

5. Promotion begins! On and after Tuesday, May 22, post about the giveaway on your personal and business Facebook page, in Twitter, on your blog, wherever you want. Go crazy!

6. Winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter at midnight on Wednesday, May 30, 2018. I’ll notify the winner and get their address. If they don’t respond in 3 days, I’ll choose someone else.

Click here to join. You’ll have all of this sent to you in the welcome email once you sign up.



Kentucky Derby is just six days away!

Brush up on some horse racing terms to get ready for the big day. Show everyone at your Derby party how much you know. 😉 There is one thing they need to change – at the bottom, their Z is Zayat Stables. The Zayats own American Pharoah and AP won the Triple Crown in 2015, but their definition says “last year.” I suppose it’s an old post. Of course, I let them know about the error. lol




Giant giveaway!

First and second prizes awarded!

Guess who’s participating in this promo? (Me!) Enter to win a free KINDLE or NOOK plus 20+ American historical romances, including books from authors like Heather Blanton and Lorraine Heath. Second prize is all 20+ books! This giveaway ends soon, so make sure you hurry! Good luck!

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How about a free kindle or nook? And 20 books!

Have you read my novel Chivalry? For a limited time, you can enter to win the book, plus 20+ fantastic American historical romances from an amazing collection of authors, PLUS a brand new eReader – along with a collection of FREE ebooks just for entering!

Enter the contest by clicking here: http://bit.ly/americanromance-apr18

When you’re done, leave a comment to let me know you’ve entered!



I love giving away stuff! This time, you can win a tote bag and Sugar cookie (yummy!) Scentsy circle, which is perfect for the car or any small space.

Giveaway starts April 11, 2018 at 12:00 EDT and ends April 18 at 12:00 EDT. You can earn up to 5 entries by completing simple tasks.

Click here for the giveaway!

Ashley’s Scentsy store, if you need some yummy smelling stuff (I love the wax and warmers!):

“Please select a party to shop with either on the main page or before checking out”.

Business Planning For Any Project, Even Books

I deal with many established and aspiring authors, and one lesson that experienced authors know well and new authors have to learn is that before you write a single word of your book, you should have a business plan for it.

Don’t be scared. Business planning does not have to be difficult. I’ve found a business plan book that makes planning anything very simple.

Instead of the traditional bulky business plan document, this book teaches you to start your business planning process with just three sentences, which is quite nifty. The three sentences are:

  1. What is your project/product?
  2. How will you promote it?
  3. How will you monetize it?

You might recognize that this touches on some of the most important parts of writing a book because you have to choose a good book topic, plan your book promotion and have a sense of whether the book will ultimately be lucrative for you and meet your financial goals for it.

If you have an idea for a new book, especially if this is your first book, try to plan the entire strategy for this book before you begin writing it. If you treat your book as a business, it will be easier for you to meet your financial goals for the book. Plus, if a part of your book strategy isn’t correct, it will be easier and cheaper for you to fix your strategy mistakes earlier in the process rather than later.