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The Tote Bag and Scentsy circle giveaway has ended and we have a winner! Congratulations, Kayla! Kayla won by commenting on this blog!


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I love giving away stuff! This time, you can win a tote bag and Sugar cookie (yummy!) Scentsy circle, which is perfect for the car or any small space.

Giveaway starts April 11, 2018 at 12:00 EDT and ends April 18 at 12:00 EDT. You can earn up to 5 entries by completing simple tasks.

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Ashley’s Scentsy store, if you need some yummy smelling stuff (I love the wax and warmers!):
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Business Planning For Any Project, Even Books

I deal with many established and aspiring authors, and one lesson that experienced authors know well and new authors have to learn is that before you write a single word of your book, you should have a business plan for it.

Don’t be scared. Business planning does not have to be difficult. I’ve found a business plan book that makes planning anything very simple.

Instead of the traditional bulky business plan document, this book teaches you to start your business planning process with just three sentences, which is quite nifty. The three sentences are:

  1. What is your project/product?
  2. How will you promote it?
  3. How will you monetize it?

You might recognize that this touches on some of the most important parts of writing a book because you have to choose a good book topic, plan your book promotion and have a sense of whether the book will ultimately be lucrative for you and meet your financial goals for it.

If you have an idea for a new book, especially if this is your first book, try to plan the entire strategy for this book before you begin writing it. If you treat your book as a business, it will be easier for you to meet your financial goals for the book. Plus, if a part of your book strategy isn’t correct, it will be easier and cheaper for you to fix your strategy mistakes earlier in the process rather than later.

Reviewers wanted



I know I have plenty of loyal fans, as I’ve received lots of good feedback on my books! I’m very excited and glad that you love my stories. I’d love to share them with more readers, but, as most human beings, readers tend to stick with what they’re used to, their favorite authors. They don’t venture outside much. To persuade people to buy my books, I can only mention the book and advertise here and there. In reality, reviews sell books. I very much need help from my fans, so more readers can enjoy reading about Rachel’s and Candy’s lives. There is also a bit of a life lesson in each book. 🙂

If you could, please go to my trilogy page and each book’s page (Chivalry, Wounds into Wisdom, Turn of the Tide) and write a good review. Tell new readers what they’d want to know. Were the characters likeable? Was the story line believable? Was it entertaining? Were you sucked into reading more than you thought you’d read in one sitting? Was it hard to put down? What did you think of the characters, good and bad? Relationships? Talk about how you felt while reading.

I have more to come in the near future. Some of you are reading Julia’s story for me, and I hope to have that one out by summer. After that, I hope to publish Peggy’s story. Remember Peggy from Chivalry? Rachel’s high school friend who dated Erick for a while? Her character is an interesting one, and I thought she’d be a great protagonist. I’ve also got one nearly finished about Don, Candy’s brother. Next, I will be working on a story for Billy, Rachel’s quiet brother. Poor guy needs some attention. 😉

As always, thank you, SO MUCH for your help!

Thank you card